Face Masks

Frontline Masks, for Front Line Heroes.

Designed by Frontline workers, made for Front line workers.
We are so proud to be able to be the official distributor for Frontline’s 3-ply Type iiR masks launching into the UK market as a first this May.We have limited stock arriving of these next week (May 20th) with more to follow, so we are likely to sell out quickly. We are advised to take pre-orders for this reason to keep up with demands in the ever challenging logistical supply chain.These type iiR Surgical masks are CE approved in accordance with EN 14683:2019, and ISO 22609:2004. They are the premium choice for disposable 3-ply mask protection.

What does the ‘R’ stand for in iiR Masks?
Repellant. (Or Repellent depending on your preference!). The R in a type iiR (or type 2R) ensures that the mask being used offers critical extra protection from droplets, predominantly when exposed to blood or other fluids in an operating theatre, or other fluid exposed environments.

Why is the iiR Mask better than a Grade 1 or Grade 2 3-Ply?
A grade one mask is for civil use only. Although still, offering very little protection in reality, other than a conscious reassurance that there’s a mask being worn.
A grade two 3-ply mask is the entry level for medical use. This mask is perfectly acceptable for a disposable mask where medical staff, or general public needs a better filtration protection.
The Grade 2R however, adds that all important fluid protection layer which protects both incoming and outgoing droplets. In our opinion, when considering a short-term use disposable mask this is the best choice, especially against threats such as covid-19 (coronavirus).

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