Face Masks

What’s the difference between Face Masks?

Choosing the right face mask

There’s a few things to know, there are 3 levels of barrier protection.

  • Type i
  • Type ii
  • Type iiR

Disposable face masks gives you and the people around you some protection from droplets of a cough or a sneeze. Obviously, in the current climate of Covid19 this is the most single important fctor.

The medical face mask prevents droplets of saliva or secretions from the upper respiratory tract when the wearer breathes outwards. The wearing of a disposable medical masks prevents the wearer spreading the virus and therefore contaminating the environment they are in (trains, tubes and buses).

The 3 ply medical disposable face mask has a bacterial filtration and a particulate filtration built into the 3 layers of breathable fabric. Type i and Type ii are not fluid repellent (R) but have a filtration barrier of around 95% if worn correctly (ensure both the nose and mouth are fully covered by the mask).

Type iiR disposable face mask in our view gives the best protection from droplets from coughs and sneezers as this type iiR is fluid repellent for up to 3 hours. There are cheap 2 ply disposable face masks on the market that are not CE tested and do not give you the protection you require. These is one of the most dangerous threats to society right now. Why? People going out in close proximity thinking they are protected when they are not, is worse than having no mask and staying indoors.

Always look for the EN14683 standard before you buy your face mask. The EN14683 demonstrates that the mask has been tested for the bacterial filtration (BFE) and the particulate filtration (PFE).

There are a lot of new mask sellers on the market today, which we appreciate. Not all are bad, and many are doing what they need to do in order to diversify their business. Please be careful, and don’t always be led by price. Do your research, and understand what you are buying.

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