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PPE Advice for Beauty Salons

Our Advice for Beauty Salons

​Many beauty salon owners have contacted us to ask for advice on PPE. As retailer prepare to re-open with reduced restrictions, either during May or come June/July, it’s imperative that businesses protect both themselves, staff, and the general public from Covid-19.In an ideal world, first and foremost the best mask without doubt for long-term single use is the KN95 FFP2 mask, which is tested for continued use up to 8hrs. However, it could be quite expensive in the long run, so we’ve prepared a couple of options to consider and reasons why.

A Mask + Face Visor – This is the basics. Many people have completely forgotten or failed to understand that it’s both the mouth, and eyes which are the main susceptible areas of risk. Covid-19 spreads by droplets, i.e a sneeze or a cough, and it’s the eyes and mouth which contracts the coronavirus disease.
A KN95 mask is the best protection for the mouth, and a visor can be re-used in a non-medical environment. It’s not recommended, but it can be, for perhaps up to 1 week or 2 at a push as long as strict sanitising is practiced after each client.

Our Suggestions to consider:-

  1. KN95 Mask x 1 per day + Splash Visor + 500ml bottle of Sanitiser.
  2. 3-ply iiR Mask x 1-2 per day + Splash Visor + 500ml bottle of Sanitiser.

These are the must have combinations in our view, to stay safe. The choice of mask depends on the budget. Whilst the KN95 is the best for this industry, an iiR 3-ply Surgical mask is also exceptional but, tests show they are not as protective over a longer period of use (1hr). However, budget considering, a face visor should act as the most important form of protection in this combination of PPE.

The Process – If you’re wearing a KN95, keep it on for continued use. If using a 3-ply, try to use it once per client but if you’ve chosen this, it would be for budget reasons and therefore try to refresh it at least half way through the day. You would be better to stretch this to more uses than to throw it away and have none at all. Sanitise your visor in between each client. Sanitise your hands, and the clients hands before and after treatment. If you wear disposable nitrile gloves, throw them immediately after each use.

We can offer better deals for bulk orders but stocks are limited, so please do not hesitate if they come in to stock after being sold out.

Feel free to get in touch for bulk order or wholesale prices.

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